Gifted Adults: Why do they come to us?

Why do gifted adults come to us?

Some adults come to find out if they are gifted. Some gifted adults come because they feel depressed and anxious and wonder if they have developed an existential depression.

For some gifted adults, the symptoms of existential depression have gotten quite serious and begun to interfere with their daily lives. Some gifted adults want to find out why something has gone missing from their lives: A solid productive career, a good marriage is no longer good enough. What happened to all the energy, ambition, imagination, and curiosity? Life has started to lose its meaning and purpose.

Making a diagnosis

Evaluating the seriousness of the complaints: how bad are they. Are the problems about giftedness or about other life events, relationships: losses, medical problems, financial issues, or both. A complete history puts the problems in past and present context.A developmental history :traumatic events

The past history of giftedness:
  • When was it discovered – what was its nature
  • What were the reactions to it :Family, friends, teachers
Your reactions
  • The experience of giftedness when you were young.
  • The pleasure and pride of outsized accomplishments
The downside:
  • isolation alienation and envy being misunderstood the envy and jealousy of others.
  • Were you scared by the grandiosity of your outsized imagination
  • Why did you move away from giftedness ?
  • Practical considerations
  • No vision for what form it would take
  • No mentors – or did you turn them down
  • Things felt too easy I felt like an imposter
  • Were you frightened by dreams of becoming an expert or even eminent- what you would have to sacrifice to try to make this come true
  • Did you feel it was safer to choose a conventional life and career

How do we help you put giftedness back in your life

We can help you find out if you’re really gifted. We can help you decide if you want to make giftedness an important part of your life: just because you’re gifted doesn’t mean you have to use it. We can help you work thru the practical and emotional issues about putting giftedness back in your life:Finding a place for it in your life today; working thru the old emotional demons associated with giftedness.

If the symptoms of an existential depression are interfering with your daily functioning we can establish a treatment plan

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