Psychotherapy For The Gifted
Jerald Grobman M.D.
Madelon Sann L.C.S.W.

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Why Do Gifted Adults Come To Us?

Why do Gifted Adults Come to Us?

To find answers to these questions: 

  • If they are really gifted 
  • Why they never try to achieve their full potential 
  • If they are obligated to do something significant with their giftedness or just be the master of the inconsequential.
  • Why a solid productive career and good relationships are no longer enough.
  • What happened to their energy, ambition, and imagination.
  • Why their life has lost its meaning and purpose. 

How do We Help You Find the Answers?

First We Need to Know: 

  • If life events, circumstances, and relationships have become a problem.
  • If you have received a troubling medical diagnosis.
  • Have there been any unexpected financial losses, reversals, or remarkable successes? 
  • Are your important relationships in turmoil? 
  • Have you lost important people? 

Now We Can Focus On Your Giftedness 

“I think there is only a finite amount of intelligence in the universe, if I get more than my fair share it means someone is being cheated out of theirs. I know it sounds crazy, but it is what I really believe.”

  • When was your giftedness discovered? 
  • How was your giftedness described? 
  • How did you experience your giftedness? 
  • What were your reactions to your giftedness? 
  • How did your family and friends react to your giftedness? 
  • How did you react to feeling isolated, alienated, envied, and misunderstood?
  • Were you scared by the power of your giftedness: the possibility of becoming #1 in your field? 
  • Did you feel like an impostor because things felt too easy? 

We Can Now Help You Decide How You Would Like to Use Your Giftedness

Would you like to make giftedness an important part of your life?

  • So you can achieve your full potential
  • So you can do something significant 
  • So you can help others 
  • So you can become #1. 

However You Decide, We Can Help You Work Through the Demons That Plague You About Being Gifted. 

” I think it’s great that so many people are eager to support the development of my giftedness, but I am beginning to wonder who really owns this part of me.” 

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