Therapy for Gifted Children and Adolescents

Therapy for Gifted Children and Adolescents


From the very beginning, gifted children are a challenge! Parents and their children readily agree that ‘being gifted is no gift’!

They are brilliant, creative, hypersensitive to the needs of others, the world at large, and to real and imagined insults from their environment. They are fiercely independent but, despite their brilliance, they often are unable to reflect on the impact of their own behaviour. Nonetheless, once a therapeutic relationship is forged and their giftedness is harnessed, they can use their dazzling intellectual abilities to go beyond to figure out the puzzle of ‘what makes them tick’

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Therapy with Gifted Children and Adolescents 

Fiercely independent, gifted children jealously guard their thoughts and creative impulses. Not surprisingly, they are suspicious of any therapeutic interventions. Their trust has to

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