Life as a Gifted Adult

Life as a Gifted Adult


As they get older, many gifted adults realize they have lost their edge. A successful but conventional career no longer seems enough. Something has gone missing. Passionate interests, intense curiosity ,intuitive Imaginative discoveries all seem to have faded away along with the possibility of fulfilling what used to be high potential. The magic of giftedness has been replaced by a low grade irritability and general sense of dissatisfaction. By mid-life some gifted adults realize that a central part of their personality has disappeared. The problem is now two-fold: finding a meaningful purpose and a meaningful identity. However, reclaiming the gifted part of one’s personality is still possible if we can identify what and where it all went wrong: why was giftedness so hard to embrace and develop?

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Gifted Adults

Existential depression is the most common type of depression in gifted adults. Onset often occurs in young adulthood.

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