Psychotherapy For The Gifted
Jerald Grobman M.D.
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Therapy and Guidance
for Gifted and Talented Individuals

Our Core Areas of Expertise

Therapy for Gifted and Talented Children and Adolescents

From temper tantrums to school refusal, gifted children are a worry for parents and educators.  Fiercely independent, reading at 3, rejecting hugs and kisses. Gifted kids can be a real handful. 

Learn how to savor the joys and manage the problems. 

Separate these disturbing symptoms and behaviors from normal growth and development and address the deeper layers of a gifted child’s feelings about his/ her giftedness. 

Life as a Gifted Adult

As they get older, many gifted adults gradually abandon the pursuit of their full potential. Establishing a solid successful conventional career and lifestyle seems easier and safer. However, when boredom and unhappiness emerge, they wonder how and why the passion and excitement of their youth disappeared.

Learn here how to reclaim the central part of your personality – your giftedness.

Existential Depression in Gifted and Talented Individuals

Gifted individuals of all ages can experience feelings of alienation, disillusionment, detachment, isolation, and meaninglessness. These symptoms of existential distress can develop into an Existential Depression. 

Learn here how and why this happens and how to recognize and treat Existential Depression. 

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We have more than 40 years of therapeutic experience working with gifted individuals of all ages, at all levels of giftedness (gifted, exceptionally gifted, and profoundly gifted), in all types of circumstances, with all types of problems. 

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