Psychotherapy For The Gifted
Jerald Grobman M.D.
Madelon Sann L.C.S.W.

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Personality Characteristics of Gifted Children, Gifted Adolescents and Gifted Adults

  • An intense drive to explore, understand and master the environment. This drive can feel like a powerful physiological force that is difficult to describe and hard to control or direct.
  • Intense motivation to explore “big” ideas and “big problems” in detail and in depth.
  • A capacity for learning that is immediate and effortless:
    • Their unusual capacity to combine razor sharp logical and uncanny intuition makes them bored and inpatient with conventional teaching and standard educational settings.
  • A capacity for precocious accomplishments in many domains – intellectual, artistic, athletic, musical.
  • Extra sensitivities:
    • Physical sensitivities: light, temperature, sound, food, fabric
    • Intense allergic responses.
  • Aesthetic sensitivities: color, rhythm, form, space – a sophisticated sense of beauty well in advance of their years.
  • A capacity to “tune into” inanimate objects – a special fascination and capacity to bond with the physical environment.
  • Emotional sensitivies
    • Empathy for other people’s pain and suffering.
    • Emotional insight into others personality structure, intellect and conflicts.

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