Psychotherapy For The Gifted
Jerald Grobman M.D.
Madelon Sann L.C.S.W.

Gifted Adults: characteristics, issues, challenges and solutions

Gifted adults can learn, understand, remember, create and process ideas and concepts at advanced levels 

They can experience the world in rich, complex and spiritual ways

They can do this because of a group of inborn qualities :  

  • A wide ranging imagination 
  • Spontaneous Leaps of intuition and insight 
  • Clairvoyance 
  • Uncanny physical abilities 
  • Razor sharp intellect 
  • Finely tuned aesthetic sense 
Why do gifted adults come to us ?
  • Doubts about whether or not they’re really Gifted 
  • Worried  their feelings of alienation, detachment, disillusionment and isolation mean they’ve developed an existential depression 
  • Wondering why something has gone missing in their life: a solid successful career, good marriage and financial stability doesn’t seem like enough: what happened to the gifted part – the energy, imagination, curiosity, the drive  
They also come to us for help to:

Find a balance between :

  • Keeping giftedness and its development moving forward and still being able to enjoy the pleasures and challenges of normal growth and development: social relationships and intimate relationships 
  • Manage the practical aspects of creating a stable life   

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